Jaxville Pink Punk ST Style Electric Guitar Pack with Amp, Gig Bag, Strings, Strap, Lead and Plecs

Jaxville Pink Punk ST Style Electric Guitar Pack with Amp

For something a little bit special, look no further than the Jaxville Custom Series Pink Punk guitar. This exclusively designed eye catching guitar with everything you need to get started is sure to help you on your way to the stage.

This classic shaped guitar is popular worldwide for its sleek contoured body making it comfortable to play whether you’re sitting at home on the sofa or standing on the stage. Its double cut-aways make it easier for you to reach those high notes on the neck as well as adding to the distinctive look with its two ‘horns’.

The Jaxville Pink Punk is an extremely versatile guitar with the capability to play all styles from all genres. It features three single coil pickups which will shape your sound. Select the neck pickup from the 5 way selector switch for a louder, mellower and warmer sound used frequently by former Guns n Roses guitarist Slash. For a brighter sharper sound to play like Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmore, simply switch to the bridge pickup. Many other guitarists including Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler will prefer somewhere in between by selecting position two or four which uses either both the neck and middle pickup or the middle and bridge pickup respectively.

Another feature of this guitar is its included tremolo arm, sometimes known as a ‘Whammy Bar’ used by many guitarists from Neil Young to Metallica. Add this to the tweaking possible with the two tonal controls and you really can play any sound to suit your style.

The accompanying Rockburn 10W guitar amplifier is suitable for practice in your bedroom, garage, or almost anywhere you wish. Easily transported with its light-weight construction and strong carry handle. Plug your headphones in to keep the peace, or crank the volume to 10 to show off those licks. As well as being able to tweak the treble/bass with the simple controls, at the touch of a button you can also transform your sound with the ‘overdrive’ feature.

The pack also includes a spare set of strings for when the inevitable string snap occurs, a gig bag to keep your guitar safe and sound, plecs and a guitar strap.

Included is access to free on-line lessons that will get you playing if you are a beginner and has lots of useful information and tips on playing and tuning.

Every Jaxville guitar comes with a full year manufacturers warranty giving complete peace of mind.


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