If you have the need and an idea. I’m armed with a DSLR,  a Gopro,  drone and computer to help make it come to life.


Moving pictures/video will always gain more attention that static pictures, so for your next social media advert, with a few pictures I can help spread the word further.

Posted by Richi Jenkin on Friday, 30 March 2018

Gary Pardy

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Emma-Jane Williams

Posted by Richi Jenkin on Thursday, 22 March 2018

When people don’t like to be photographed or videod, animation does a great job. Animation / Explainer videos can help explain your product/services better and hold the viewers attention for longer so if you have the story, I have the graphics and tools to make it a reality.


If you need a picture taking where a phone just wont hack it, tell me where to point my camera.

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I can offer the hosting of unlimted webpages along with unlimted email addresses for £50 per year. Please email for more information.