Hi.. I offer a range of media services from photography and video adverts to logo design and webhosting.



If you have the need and an idea. I’m armed with a DSLR,  a Gopro,  drone and computer to help make it come to life.


Moving pictures/video will always gain more attention that static pictures, so for your next social media advert, with a few pictures I can help spread the word further.


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Gary Pardy

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Emma-Jane Williams

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When people don’t like to be photographed or videod, animation does a great job. Animation / Explainer videos can help explain your product/services better and hold the viewers attention for longer so if you have the story, I have the graphics and tools to make it a reality.


If you need a picture taking where a phone just wont hack it, tell me where to point my camera.

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I can offer the hosting of unlimted webpages along with unlimted email addresses for £50 per year. Please email support@weblogica.co.uk for more information.


I live in Market Drayton with my wife and 3 Children. Im a professional computer nerd during the day but my passions are photography, videography, animation and if I can fit it in, I  like to cycle.

I like to help out the local shops/businesses in Market Drayton, we have a lot of shops coming and going so I’m willing to offer my services for free to stop this happening, check out the service page and if you can make use of me, give me a shout via the contact buttons below.



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